Apple iPad Specifications

The full specifications list has a a 9.7 inch IPS display, which, according to Jobs, is a version of the TFT LCD display that supports wide viewing angles, and it has full capacitive multitouch features. For connectivity, there is Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1+, and you will also get an accelerometer, compass, speaker and microphone and the 30-pin connector that is standard for Apple's devices. The battery is stated to last for about 10 hours, which should be a killer for something with this screen, though it has not been proven yet. It uses a 1GHz Apple A4 processor, which is a new one, and will be able to decode HD video without affecting the battery life much, very impressive feature, considering even the Snapdragon cannot reach that kind of performance/power ration, so this should be interesting. Another interesting aspect is that the Apple Tablet will sell without a contract and that it has optional 3G, which by the looks of it, will cost $130 more.


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